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Growing up my mom was always making something special for someone either quilting, sewing, crocheting or knitting.  I would get lost in the thoughts of what this hand made gift of love would mean or represent to the individual this precious treasure was being given. 

I vividly remember the creation of this one particle quilt she put so much love into. I just knew this piece would be a quilt that would be past onto generations to come because it contained not just fabric and thread, but a life long story about a dearly loved one.  The center of the quilt held the beginning stitches that spread-out and wrapped around as if to comfort the rest of the quilt.  I could not help but compare each section as moments in time of the life of this woman we called Avo' (Grandma).  As my mother continued square by square telling the story of my grandmas  life and the lives of those to whom she toughed, I could feel the emotion within myself as I often wondered if one day when I became a grandmother (Avo') if I would be loved as much.  Now grown with grandchildren of my own, I still can feel the unconditional love of my mother not only toward me but to all those to whom she had had the pleasure of meeting.

Several years ago, I traveled to assist in my mother's care, due to an unforeseen accident..   During my efforts to encourage my mother to regain some of her mobility, I asked her to teach me to sew with love just like her.  The joy, satisfaction and the happiness that I received by these special moments with her will never be forgotten. As a result, I switched from my corporate life to a life of making precious memories.  Now I have the honor to work side by side with my mother in a way that brings so much happiness.

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